Service Consultation

It seems that Internet providers are fine collecting a higher monthly price for an older slower plan. We will talk to them on your behalf and translate to a language that you understand. Since we know the ropes, we will hold them accountable to give you the fastest service for the best price.

New Construction

Every last detail is picked when building a new house. Internet connectivity should be considered as well. We can help you design a custom indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi package that will deliver incredible speeds to your devices!

Wi-Fi Maintenance

Do you make that face when someone asks for the Wi-Fi password? We can change that to something easy to remember and type. We can also change the wireless network name to your preference. You don’t have to connect to “ARRIS-4754”. Naming the wireless network is the best part of the job!


The year is 2022 yet printers seem to still be a big problem. You should be able to print from your phone. We can fix that for you. It is not too small of a job!

Pole Buildings / Garages

We excel in providing a high-speed connection where you spend your time.

Swimming Pools

If you don’t have a strong connection near your pool, we can fix that!

Yard Coverage

If you have a big yard, we can cover that! Stream music while you mow. Why not?

Zoom Issues

Lagging connections? Missing video? We can fix that for you!

Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing is a very underutilized tool that would help many small businesses. It certainly makes sense to promote the goods and services of your business to the folks that are visiting your establishment. We can help you set that up!

Give us a call today. We will exceed your expectations!