Wireless Mesh

Wireless Mesh

A wireless mesh is an amazing Wi-Fi network that can be used to solve a lot of common Wi-Fi problems both indoors and outdoors. Nodes (wireless access points) are able to communicate directly with other nodes on the network and uplinks can be specified. In the system pictured above, wireless access point #3 is linked to #2, which is linked to #1. Wireless access point #1, which can’t even be seen, is connected directly to the router via Ethernet cable.

DHB the Wi-Fi Guy was recently called to address an issue where the customer was not getting a strong Wi-Fi signal in a home office located in the basement. The customer’s router was located upstairs, on the other end of the house. There were two cinderblock walls and a stone fireplace between the router and the home office. This explained the lack of Wi-Fi signal in the office! The problem was resolved with a wireless mesh which basically sent the signal around the obstructions.

A wireless mesh network was implemented for large area Wi-Fi coverage at this horse farm. 300+ yards of Wi-Fi!

Strong Wi-Fi is required for devices such as Wi-Fi cameras to operate properly. A wireless mesh network is a great option to ensure that devices are responsive and operate properly.

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