Wi-Fi and Metal Siding

Buildings with metal siding tend to stop a strong Wi-Fi signal. There are multiple ways to get a strong Wi-Fi signal inside of a metal building. In the video below, the outdoor access point (closest to the house) is connected to the house via a wireless mesh. The indoor access point (furthest from the house) is directly connected to the outdoor access point on the other side of the metal siding via Ethernet cable. The wireless access point furthest from the house is able to share the speeds of the wireless access point closest to the house on the other side of the metal siding. The result is over 260Mbps down at 100 yards on the other side of the metal siding! The range of the wireless access points I’m using in the video is about 100 yards. The Ubiquiti NanoStation is another great solution, especially when the distance is over 100 yards. If you are struggling to get a strong Wi-Fi signal in your metal garage, there are options!

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