Rural Internet

Rural Internet

Cellular is a great option for high-speed rural Internet when the right equipment is used. There is a common misconception that the only options are less than adequate satellite services or a 2 year waiting list. I have streamed Netflix and hosted Zoom meetings where I’ve been told that it will not work. There is hope!

The landscape for cellular Internet is changing (in a good way). What didn’t work a couple of years ago, might very well work today. I carry hotspots / SIM cards from all of the major carriers. With that tool, I can make the best recommendation of which service works the best directly at your location. Anything else is pure speculation. Try it out first before you sign up for a service!

The proper equipment is the secret sauce to having a good experience with cellular Internet. So many people make the mistake of trying to work off of a subpar hotspot or telephone. A lot of times the signal is diminished inside of the structure. A diminished signal directly impacts data download and upload speeds. I’ve been successful using a high-end router that has a connection for an external cellular antenna. The antenna directly brings the signal/speeds from the outside to the inside of the structure.

I talk about cellular Internet in the following video. I’m also using cellular as a “temporary” Internet solution to bridge the gap between when folks move in and when the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is able to connect Internet services.

Internet has become a critical service that directly impacts our day to day lives. You should be able to do all of the things that everyone else is doing including streaming TV, Zoom meetings, work from home, security cameras, etc. Quality Internet services is not a sacrifice you should have to make because of your location. I’ve been to many of these properties. They are beautiful! I totally understand why you live there.

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