Internet Failover

Internet Failover

The best Wi-Fi in the world doesn’t matter when the Internet goes down. Major outages cripple cities. Here are just some of the impacts:

  • Business owners turn away customers because they are unable to accept credit cards.
  • Employees walk around like the power is out. There is an extreme loss of productivity.
  • Employees working from home can’t work.
  • Students are unable to complete school work and submit assignments.

A typical Internet setup has one Internet Service Provider.

It is very disruptive and especially costly for business owners that cannot accept credit card payments when the Internet goes out.

Internet failover keeps the credit card payments going if the primary Internet goes down. It is a much better feeling operating business as usual instead of scrambling to update customers on social media with what can’t be done. People have generators to keep the lights on when the power goes out. It certainly makes sense to also have a good backup plan with respect to Internet service.

The illustration below depicts a successful cellular Internet failover scenario. Having Internet access is satisfying when everyone else is complaining about not having Internet access on social media.

DHB the Wi-Fi Guy can offer you some affordable systems to take advantage of the Internet failover options available in your area. Give us a call at (833) 937-3376 to see a live demo! Be prepared!

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