Common Wi-Fi Pain Points

What is your Wi-Fi pain point?

  • Wireless network name starts with a boring “ARRIS” just like all of the other neighbors
  • Wi-Fi password is hard to remember and type
  • Router has to be constantly reset
  • Print from phone or computer doesn’t work
  • Zoom meeting constantly loses video and/or audio
  • Lack of coverage on the porch
  • Lack of coverage on the patio
  • Lack of coverage near the swimming pool
  • Lack of coverage in the garage
  • Lack of coverage in the yard
  • Lack of coverage in the pole building
  • Cameras don’t work on external buildings because they are too far
  • Too many devices
  • Constant loss of connection to the Wi-Fi network
  • Wireless speeds are considerably less than what is paid for
  • Overpaying for slower speeds
  • Unable to perform business functions in the parking lot
  • Constant complaints from younger ones in the family

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