Rural Internet

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Rural Internet Cellular is a great option for high-speed rural Internet when the right equipment is used. There is a common misconception that the only options are less than adequate satellite services or a 2 year waiting list. I have streamed Netflix and hosted Zoom meetings where I’ve been told that it will not work. There is hope! The landscape for cellular Internet is changing (in a good way). What didn’t work a couple of … Continue reading “Rural Internet”

Internet Failover

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Internet Failover The best Wi-Fi in the world doesn’t matter when the Internet goes down. Major outages cripple cities. Here are just some of the impacts: Business owners turn away customers because they are unable to accept credit cards. Employees walk around like the power is out. There is an extreme loss of productivity. Employees working from home can’t work. Students are unable to complete school work and submit assignments. A typical Internet setup has … Continue reading “Internet Failover”

Wireless Mesh

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Wireless Mesh A wireless mesh is an amazing Wi-Fi network that can be used to solve a lot of common Wi-Fi problems both indoors and outdoors. Nodes (wireless access points) are able to communicate directly with other nodes on the network and uplinks can be specified. In the system pictured above, wireless access point #3 is linked to #2, which is linked to #1. Wireless access point #1, which can’t even be seen, is connected … Continue reading “Wireless Mesh”

Wi-Fi and Metal Siding

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Buildings with metal siding tend to stop a strong Wi-Fi signal. There are multiple ways to get a strong Wi-Fi signal inside of a metal building. In the video below, the outdoor access point (closest to the house) is connected to the house via a wireless mesh. The indoor access point (furthest from the house) is directly connected to the outdoor access point on the other side of the metal siding via Ethernet cable. The … Continue reading “Wi-Fi and Metal Siding”