2022 Recap for DHB the Wi-Fi Guy

2/17/2022 – I’m DHB the Wi-Fi Guy! Larry the Cable Guy had a decent run. Why not give this a shot?

2/20/2022 – @dhbwifiguy is on Instagram!

2/23/2022 – This is what the beginning of the Wi-Fi business looked like.

3/3/2022 – Working on the kitchen counter!

3/3/2022 – Labels for Wireless Access Points came in. These labels are amazing. They are placed on every access point.

3/3/2022 – MoCA is tested and added to the Wi-Fi Guy toolset. A good friend told me to check out these adapters. Wow! I’m glad I did.

3/4/2022 – Coax Kit for MoCA assembled and ready to go. Having the right tools for the job is key.

3/4/2022 – Hardware controller evaluated and added to toolset. This was the turning point. I was soon to realize the power of the complete system.

3/8/2022 – Hands-on experience with 4 Internet providers. This is experience that you only get by crawling through many basements.

3/21/2022 – Became a partner with TP-Link. I’ve been installing a lot of TP-Link equipment. It only made sense.

3/25/2022 – Hands-on experience with Starlink. I was patiently waiting to get my hands on one of these. I finally did.

4/1/2022 – I’m the Greenbury Hills Wi-Fi Guy. Helping people for a fair price is my business model. I did work for over 5 houses in this neighborhood.

4/20/2022 – An idea for a demo called “Down the Street Wi-Fi”. That turned into my mobile demo. It is amazing how far the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted. I perfected this demo by the end of the year by using tripods and Milwaukee Top-Offs for power.

4/22/2022 – Solicited rebranding ideas for the “Storage slinger”. I built this sling shot for hard drives. I should sling old routers or something.

4/25/2022 – DHBWIFIGUY.COM launched! This was very exciting. A domain is an idea. It is a way of life.

4/26/2022 – 4×6 cards arrived. I spent 2 weeks running to Staples every day to get various items printed.

4/27/2022 – Grinding to send the cards out. I mailed these to everyone that I had an address for.

4/28/2022 – The Wi-Fi symbol will be all over!

5/4/2022 – @dhbwifiguy on Twitter! Every platform helps.

5/6/2022 – Counter added to website. 38 wireless access points installed. I knew this would be a good way to help measure growth.

5/9/2022 – Not even 3 months in. This picture shows the growth!

5/16/2022 – @dhbwifiguy on Snapchat! Why not be everywhere?

5/16/2022 – @dhbwifiguy on TikTok!

5/18/2022 – 54 wireless access points installed.

5/19/2022 – Bye Bye hard drives. Hello Wi-Fi!

6/2/2022 – First big horse farm. This was my biggest job to date. I made my first “Wi-Fi” portfolio video documenting this job.

7/12/2022 – First Wi-Fi connected smoker. Absolutely everything is now Wi-Fi connected. See the pic of a Wi-Fi connected oven.

7/27/2022 – PROMISELAND FEED & SEED. This was my first local business in the area.

7/28/2022 – Wi-Fi blog was born. Writing about common issues helps folks relate.

8/4/2022 – First Airbnb customer. This was a neat one to work on.

8/13/2022 – Wi-Fi blog was picked up by another website. Absolutely flattering!

8/15/2022 – Prototype of the Wi-Fi cannon!

8/16/2022 – AT&T hotspot arrived. Having all of the different carriers makes all of the difference. I’m able to show up at a location and know what works and what doesn’t without speculation. The cellular landscape is changing drastically and is a very viable option for folks that have DSL or less than desirable satellite services.

8/25/2022 – T-Mobile hotspot added to the Wi-Fi toolset.

8/25/2022 – Portable business grade Wi-Fi was born! Showing this to folks is a lot easier than trying to explain it.

8/30/2022 – The idea for rural Internet. I didn’t realize until I started doing this work. 15 minutes outside of every major city, there are challenges with Internet/Wi-Fi.

9/9/2022 – The last big job in the car. I started running out of room!

9/10/2022 – It’s Official!!! The Wi-Fi Guy!

10/3/2022 – Temporary Internet is a thing! I deployed cellular solutions as “Temporary Internet” to bridge the gap between need data and cable installation.

10/5/2022 – Headed to the “Mountain Top” neighborhood. This is the first of many trips. There are many folks that have never experienced the true power of the modern Internet. Helping these people has been the most satisfying.

10/7/2022 – Installed Arlo 4 Pro Wi-Fi cam as a dash cam in the Wi-Fi Guy. I posted this picture in the Facebook Arlo Users group. Someone made the comment that I should just get a dashcam. I’m not the “Dash Cam Guy” LOL!

10/8/2022 – First trip to Richmond, VA. The same problem is everywhere. Time to expand into another market.

10/16/2022 – First mobile demo of Reolink cameras. This ended up being a real hit. People haven’t seen 4K cameras like this before.

10/17/2022 – Became partners with Reolink. Reolink ended up being an affordable, nice system.

10/18/2022 – 100 wireless access points installed! I finally hit 100.

10/25/2022 – First farm demo. I was patiently waiting for this one!

11/2/2022 – @dhbwifiguy is on YouTube! I finally have enough subscribers that I could customize my YouTube URL!

11/3/2022 – High-speed Internet in Hancock. This sold me. If a cellular antenna can turn 3 Mbps down into 45 Mbps, it will work almost anywhere.

11/5/2022 – Hosted first Wi-Fi event. Bring your own Wi-Fi is a thing now.

11/10/2022 – Second cellular install. Cellular is working great!

11/16/2022 – Pushing forward for Rural Internet. Video released!

11/22/2022 – Captured real nice buck on Arlo camera.

11/28/2022 – First Wi-Fi installation at a large farm.

12/3/2022 – Rural Internet in Champlain, VA.

12/5/2022 – Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.

12/6/2022 – First install in Thurmont, MD.

12/9/2022 – Acquired T-Mobile Home Internet.

12/10/2022 – The big move.

12/12/2022 – Second install in Thurmont, MD.

12/13/2022 – Wi-Fi demo at RFK stadium in Washington, DC.

12/14/2022 – Installed the first cameras at the big farm.

12/17/2022 – Rural Wi-Fi in Shippensburg, PA.

12/19/2022 – Rural Wi-Fi in Union Bridge, MD.

12/20/2022 – Rural Wi-Fi in Antietam National Battlefield.

12/22/2022 – 150 wireless access points installed. What is my goal for next year?

12/30/2022 – The total highlight for this year was rural Internet and helping the people in Thurmont. Access to high-speed Internet is changing lives!